Welcome to the Vestas Documentation Database

Vestas documentation Database is a global online documentation system handling as-built documentation for Vestas Nacelles, Vestas Blades, Vestas Towers, Vestas Controls and all Sales business units in Vestas.

The system enables suppliers to register documentation for their manufactured and delivered items, making it possible for Vestas to provide a complete documentation package to our customers with each delivered turbine.

Vestas' own production facilities are also registering documentation for their manufactured and delivered items.


If you have technical questions about the database system, you can contact superusers by sending a mail to: vwsvddhelpline@vestas.com

If you have technical questions about specifications and items, please contact the actual Buyer, Quality Inspector or Supplier Development contact person.

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Production Documentation Management
Supplier Development / Supplier Management / Purchase & Logistic
Vestas Nacelles / Vestas Blades / Vestas Towers / Vestas Controls

Supplier Training

As a Vestas supplier you will receive a user manual and training in Vestas Documentation Database.

The latest versions of the user manual can also be downloaded as PDF. Choose User manual in the menu.


Vestas Technology - Shared Master Data Base Denmark administrates the overall system for Vestas.

Blades, Nacelles, Towers and Controls Quality Inspectors at the production sites, approve all uploaded as-built documentation.

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